Posts Not Showing

WordPress uses two different “types” of documents, one is called Pages and one is called Posts. Basically, a Page, when published, will create a link across the top of your website, assuming top links are enabled. In general, these links would be used for items that are most important to your visitors. Top links remain displayed regardless of the page that is being viewed, so they are always visible. Posts, on the other hand, are almost identical to Pages, however they get linked down the left or right side of your site depending on the design. Side links can be displayed in a multitude of ways and may or may not be visible at all times depending on how your site was designed. Posts have to be assigned to a Category and the Category Widget must be added to your navigation section. See the additional help documents on this page related to navigational links for further information.

WordPress has three different ways in which it links content to your site. First, if you do not specifically Publish the Page or Post you are working on, it will be saved as a Draft. A Draft does not show up anywhere on your visible website, but, instead is displayed within your editor’s control panel. A Draft is something you are working on, but is not yet ready to post. When your Draft is ready to “go live” you must Publish it. Pressing the Publish button will immediately make your draft visible to visitors, with one exception. A link in the upper left box of your editor’s control panel within the Publish box, called Publish immediately, controls the date that the content will become visible on your site. This is normally set to immediately, which will make your content visible as soon as you press the Publish button. However, if you have finished content, say a newsletter, that you do not want visible until a certain date, you can change the publish date to a date in the future. In this case, your content will not be visible until the date you requested, regardless of whether or not you Published the Draft.

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