WordPress Editing: Visual or Text Editor

The Visual and Text Editors

When using WordPress, you will see two options for creating or editing a page or a post. You can either use the visual editor or the text editor.

Visual Editor

The WordPress Visual Editor is much like using word processing software, like Microsoft Word. There are icons available to help you change text size and color, format headers, add links, and more.

Text Editor

The WordPress Text Editor allows you to write posts using HTML. You have fewer icon options here, and they are replaced with quick tags. For example, if you want bold text, you would use the <strong></strong> HTML tag for strong emphasis of text.

Switching between the two

It is easy to switch between the visual and text editors. Simply click on the tab you wish to view in the dashboard.

However, one should be cautious switching back and forth. WordPress sometimes strips HTML code when going from the text editor to the visual editor. This can be frustrating if you just spent a lot of time hand-coding your page or post. If you are using a lot of HTML in your page or post, we recommend sticking to the text editor.

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