I Am Having Website/Email Logon Issues

Our systems run the latest in security protocols. If you attempt to log in with the wrong password more than 10 times it will lock out the IP address of your computer, in some cases, for up to 1 year. If you are at an office, this could lock out everyone at the office as most share an IP address. Therefore, it is very important that passwords are not “guessed.” Please use care when administering your passwords and never “guess” at what you “might” have used.

If you use this form to request a reset because you have been locked out for excessive attempts to access an account with the wrong user name or password, please note that you will simply be locked out again, after the reset, if you do not solve the problem prior to us resetting your IP. These problems usually come from someone at your location repeatedly trying the wrong password. This can happen if someone is trying to access an account they do not have permission for, someone simply forgot their password and is continually trying to connect, or, sometimes this situation can be caused by a virus on one of the computers at your location.

Trouble With WordPress Login
If you are having trouble logging in to WordPress, this document may help to resolve your issue.

If you are receiving a message that you have been banned or locked out, the lockout will reset within 30 minutes. Wait 30 minutes and try again but make sure you use the correct password or lockout will occur again.

Trouble With Email Login
If you are able to access your website, but not your email, or, if you are just having an email issue, please try webmail. If you can send and receive email through webmail, your mail server is working and the issue is most likely with your computer or computer setting. You can find information about how to access and use webmail as well as how to set up an email client on your computer.

Unable To Access Website and Email (screen usually indicates a connection issue)
If you are unable to display your website, email, etc., please complete the form below. The information requested is needed in order to review our firewall records and allow us to reset your IP access. If everyone at your office/location is having the same issue, you need only submit the following form one time from any machine having the problem. Note that if you attempt to log in with the wrong account information following the reset, you will be locked out again.

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