Web Design Prep

This information is provided to allow our clients to develop a defined scope of work and effectively manage the cost of their web design project. The more time you invest in the preparation, and the more information you provide, the less time it will take to develop and populate your website. Please consider reviewing all of the information contained on this page and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

WordPress Demo This is our full working demo of WordPress.
Web Design Color Chart If you would like to use specific colors for your design, please review this web safe color chart and provide the numbers of the colors you would like to use. If you chose a color from the above link, you do not need to pick colors from this link.
Color Scheme Tool
Color Scheme Tool Tutorial
If you need help picking a color scheme for your website, this tool allows your to choose complementary colors and even displays a sample website using those colors. Please review the tutorial prior to use.
A sample of some private sector websites that were created by our designers.
Coming soon . . . Municipal website design samples.
WordPress Graphics
Theme Forest
We can use any template or web design you find on the Internet as a sample on which to base your website. If you find something on this site, or elsewhere on the internet, please note the item number or URL and forward it to your web designer.
Big Stock Photos This is a great site to get ideas for your design. We can take almost any graphic, from this site and create an entire website based around the image. If you choose to have us consider a graphic from this site, please provide at least 3 choices as some, because of size and orientation, cannot be used. Provide the item numbers of the graphics you are interested in.

Web Design FAQs

What section/categories do you suggest for our municipality website?
Because laws are constantly changing concerning required documents, we suggest you check with your solicitor, however, following are categories that have been used by other boroughs in our program:

    List council members, staff, etc.


    Meeting minutes

Right To Know
Favorite Links
Public Notices

    Pension disclosures, Employment statements, Job openings, etc.

Emergency Services

    Fire and Police information

Parks & Recreation
Recycling & Trash
Document Center
Permits & Applications
Contact Us