Domain Name Scams

Many domain name registrars send out notices, and bills, even though you do not have your domain name registered with them. Worse, they tend to charge more money, and, sometimes they can tie up your domain name to the point where you end up losing it or paying an extraordinary sum of money to get it back.

For most clients, your web site included a domain name and is included and paid for with your annual fee. If you get a domain name renewal notice or bill, please do not renew or pay without checking with contacting us. We will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can.

For the record, a domain name should only cost approximately $12. Normally, the companies that send out notices charge significantly more.

Following are examples of domain renewal notices that are not legitimate. We will be posting more as we can.

Service Blue

Web Domain Listings

Web Domain Listings Scam

Domain Listings

Domain Listing Scam

Domain Registry of America


No Company Identified


Domain Registration SEO Service Corporation

The people behind this scam continually change their company name and URL, however the Email remains very similar to what we have posted below.

iDNS Internet Domain Name Services

iDNS Scam