Embedding A Google Calendar in WordPress

Go to Google Calendar on the web. On the left sidebar of Google Calendar there is a list of calendars, assuming you have set up and are using Google Calendars. Click on the calendar to be embedded and select “Calendar Settings”.

This will display a list of options for events. Choose Embed This Calendar. Select options on the left side to customize the calendar display. Copy the embed code at the top of the page.

Go to the WordPress site and click Post -> Add New to insert the calendar into a post or Page -> Add New to add it in a page. You can also insert the embed code into an already existing page if desired. Make sure the WordPress post editor is in “Text” mode rather than “Visual” mode before pasting the code. Paste the code into the page or post and save changes. The calendar will now display on the website and any changes made in Google will appear on the website in real time.

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