Difference Between A Domain Name and Hosting

A Domain Name is the address someone would use to find your website, much like your street address tells someone where to find your house. You must pay a fee every year to keep your domain name. This name is then “pointed” to, or associated with, your website.

Hosting services pertain to the space at which your website lives. Your website needs a space on a server, somewhere for the website files to live. When someone types in your domain name, it is associated with a record of where the website lives. This tells the browser where to find the site. You must pay a fee for this space as well.

Your domain name and hosting services are two separate things which can generate two separate bills. If you decide to transfer your website to a different hosting service, you must maintain your domain name or risk losing your online identity. Ideally, your web company will handle both tasks generating just one bill.

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