Courtesy Backups

Most ISP’s provide what is called a “courtesy backup.” These backups contain everything on the individual cPanel server. An analogy for this backup type would be a complete backup of a computer; programs, data and everything on the computer. There are no guarantees as to the fitness for use or even that the backups will or have been executed. They are not to be relied upon as a backup for your website, email, etc. A courtesy backup takes time to restore and restores all information on your cPanel server as of the time of the backup. Therefore, if you are using email on your server, but corrupt your website, a courtesy backup will overwrite all email, email settings, website files and changes since the time of the backup. Courtesy backups could be days, weeks or months old and may not even be available for restoration. This is standard practice and wording for all ISPs.

The client is ALWAYS responsible for all backups of data, websites, emails, etc., and the ISP, in this case PA State Association of Boroughs and/or CourseVector LLC, assumes no liability whatsoever for any data loss corruption, fitness for use, etc.

Courtesy backups are “attempted” for all hosting packages. Again, the fine print for andy and all hosting companies state the above in one form or another.

Full cPanel Backups

A full cPanel backup makes a copy of all of your files, email, databases, etc. It is basically the same as the Courtesy Backup, except the client creates and downloads the file for safe keeping. Once initiated, enough time must be allowed for the backup to complete. The server can send you an email to an address you specify once the backup is ready to download. The steps for generating, downloading and restoring a full backup are explained in detail below.

To generate a full backup in cPanel:

  • Log into cPanel.
  • In the Files section, click on the Backups icon.
  • Under Full Backup, click Generate/ Download a Full Website Backup.
  • On the next page, select the Home Directory option from the Backup Destination drop-down menu.
  • For Email Address, select whether or not you wish to receive an email notification once the backup is complete. (You may also change the notification email address in the provided field if you wish.)
  • Click Generate Backup.
  • This will generate the back up for you and place the tar.gz file inside of your home directory. You can then download the backup via cPanel, FTP or SSH.

    To download the backup from cPanel:

  • Log into cPanel.
  • In the Files section, click on the Backups icon.
  • Under Full Backup, click Generate/ Download a Full Website Backup.
  • Under Backups Available for Download, click the link for the backup file you wish to download.
  • Select a destination on your PC where you would like to save the backup.
  • How to Restore a Full Backup:
    A full backup must be restored by the root user for the server. We will restore your full backups for you as long as you can provide a valid, usable file.

    WordPress Backups

    Fortunately, there is a way to back up WordPress separate from email and system settings on the server. Because WordPress uses PHP, HTML and SQL, there are only a few ways to create a complete backup.

    Both PA State Association of Boroughs and CourseVector have a corporate license for a program called WPTwin that allows our clients to backup WordPress files. We can only provide this backup solution if we are managing your domain name(s), and if a restore is needed, the client must provide the created backup file to us for restoration. Clients who manage their own domain name are free to purchase and install whatever backup solution they feel comfortable with.

    We do not take any responsibility for this backup solution, the fitness of the program to perform backups, the validity of said backups, or any content or information that may be lost in use of the backup software. Backups, in all cases, are the responsibility of the client and not the the ISP, designer, etc. If you are not comfortable with our solution, you are free to purchase and install any of the publically available backup programs.

    If you have email on your web server, WPTwin does NOT backup your email. WPTwin will only backup your WordPress web site. An analogy for this backup would be like backing up a single directory on a desktop computer.

    Following are the instructions for our WPTwin backup solution:
    WPTwin Instructions
    Please note that you must deactivate all plugins prior to making your backup. Once the backup is complete, reactivate all plugins.

    Clients are free to use whatever WordPress backup software determined to meet their needs. Following is a list of several WordPress backup solutions, in no particular order. We do not endorse or recommend any of these solutions, and, in fact, have never used them:
    Vault Press

    Automatic WordPress Backups:
    In addition to the above solution, we can provide a WordPress backup system that is completely automatic and allows for the client to restore up to 5 archived backups. This solution is available with some of our advanced hosting packages. If you are interested in this solution, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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