Autoresponders Are Bad News

Use of an autoresponder will result in your domain being reported as spam or blocked. Autoresponders respond indiscriminately to forged and legitimate email. Spam and virus messages are almost invariably forged so as to appear to be “from” an unrelated third party. When an autoresponder receives one of these forged messages, they in turn send misdirected mail. Because of this, they become spam sources themselves and are the subject of blockades.

Traditional Autoresponder Issue:
A message is sent in response to inbound email informing the purported sender that you are on vacation, listing FAQs, suggesting an alternate email address, or otherwise sending a standard message – all too often, to the wrong person as the autoresponder will respond to phishing, hackers, spam, and any other type of attack. Not only will this get a domain blacklisted, but it discloses to the attacker that the email address is valid and allows for a much more targeted, hard to detect attack. In addition, if alternate email addresses are specified, that will open them to attack as well.

Please keep the above in mind when configuring an autoresponder as the potential damage far outweighs any benefit!

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