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News Bulletin September 2016


Welcome to the latest edition of our News Bulletin, provided as a service for web and hosting clients of: and .


Tech Support Scams and Google Chrome Tricks

Tech support scams, phishing pages and fake alerts are commonplace these days. Here are some tech support scam techniques targeting Google Chrome users.

Dropbox hack bigger than previously realized

In 2016, we’re just now hearing about the scope of a 2012 Dropbox hack that affected over 68 million accounts.

GoDaddy customers target of phishing scam

A phishing scam aimed at GoDaddy customers lures victims by notifying them that their email storage has reached capacity.

OneLogin SecureNotes Breached

Single sign-on company OneLogin began notifying customers that an attacker was able to take advantage of a bug in its system and view sensitive notes posted by users, thought to be secure.

June Ransomware Attack on Microsoft Users

In June, millions of Microsoft Office 365 users were hit with a ransomware attack. Microsoft reported that the attack was not specific to Office 365, and only a small percentage of users were affected.

Flaws Discovered in Symantec, Norton AV Products

A Google researcher found “critical vulnerabilities” in Symantec and Norton Anti-Virus Products in June.

Current Happenings

Security Upgrades to Managed Hosting Program

As most of our clients know, CourseVector runs some of the most monitored and secure servers available for our clients. This past month, we have made some changes to the firewall to prevent attacks from TOR based networks. This should significantly lesson hacking risks for our clients. CourseVector constantly monitors and updates security features of our managed hosting packages. If you are not part of our managed program, please check out the managed hosting features.

WordPress Malware Removal

“Your website has been hacked” is the last thing a business owner wants to hear. CourseVector now provides a hassle-free solution to this problem through our advanced WordPress malware removal service. Our malware removal services differ from other removal services because we do things by hand rather than relying on scanning software to find malicious code. You will also receive a report on the attack and suggestions to protect your website from future attacks. If you suspect that your website has been hacked, contact CourseVector for an evaluation.

Security News

New Ransomware Poses Additional Risks Due To Delayed Execution

This crude “Hitler-ransomware” displays an ominous one-hour countdown and demands payment, before it deletes all your files.

Virtually all business cloud apps lack enterprise grade security

Out of 15,000 apps analyzed, 99 percent do not provide sufficient security, compliance controls and features to effectively protect enterprise data in the cloud.

Microsoft Leaks Secure Boot Key, Raises Security Concerns

Microsoft has accidentally leaked a key that can enable users to unlock Secure Boot-protected smartphones and tablets running Windows 8.1 or later.

Cybercrime gang hacks five cash-register providers that supply hundreds of thousands of businesses

Hackers have breached at least five cash-register providers that supply as many as 1 million point-of-sale systems globally.

Android malware is spreading using Google’s online ad network

Security researchers have discovered a nasty new piece of smartphone malware that targets users of Google’s mobile operating system — and it uses Google’s popular advertising network AdSense to do it.

LastPass zero-day can lead to account compromise

A zero-day flaw in the popular password manager LastPass can be triggered by users visiting a malicious site, allowing attackers to compromise the users’s account and all the sensitive information in it.

SQL Injection flaw found in Ninja Forms WordPress plugin

A dangerous SQL Injection vulnerability has been disclosed and patched that could affect the Ninja Forms plugin for WordPress, impacting the 600,000 sites using that website construction software.

Spammers modify sites’ core WordPress files for long-lasting compromise

In their quest to compromise WordPress installations and prevent site owners from discovering it and cleaning up the website, blackhat SEO spammers have turned to modifying core WordPress files.

Featured Websites

K9 Bug Finder

K9 Bug Finder Bed Bugs and Pest Control Services

CourseVector designed and built the website for K9 Bug Finder, a San Francisco Bay Area Pest Control Company. Jay and his K9, Maggie, sniff out bed bugs in the Bay Area. K9 Bug Finder is more than just bed bugs, though. Jay provides complete pest control services to keep the creepy-crawlies out of your home or business.

Ewa Samples Photography

Ewa Samples Photography San Jose Bay Area Family Photographer

CourseVector designed and built the website for Ewa Samples Photography, a lifestyle photographer based in San Jose, California. Ewa’s fun approach and eye for natural photography captures the essence of families and individuals, creating lasting memories through fine art quality keepsakes.

Allied Old English

Allied Old English Website Port

Allied Old English is a specialized wholesaler and leading manufacturer of branded and private label bottled food products. CourseVector took their old, outdated ASP website and converted it to a WordPress site that uses WooCommerce for ecommerce.

Monroe County Control Center

Monroe County Emergency Services

Monroe County Control Center provides prompt and professional 9-1-1 public safety emergency dispatch services for all of Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Monroe County wanted an updated website that is easy for their control center employees to maintain and update. It was also important that the community found the design easy to navigate.

FAQ of the Month

How does CourseVector’s Postlayer Spam Filter work?

This spam filtering service we provide to clients has historically been 99% effective. For information on how it works, please see the Postlayer Spam Filter article on

News and Tips

Every page on your website must have a call to action

A call to action, or CTA, is that thing that you want your users to do when they visit your website. For some, signing up for a newsletter is their call to action. For others, buying a product might be the end goal. No matter what your goal is, you have to tell your users what you want them to do. Having a call to action on each page of your website is imporant. Without one, your users will be left to their own devices, which is never a good thing! A solid call to action on each important page of your website shoud be a part of your overall search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

If you aren’t sure what your CTA should be, or if you’d like some help designing an eye-catching button, feel free to contact CourseVector for a consulation! Our SEO program is very different from most, and we happily offer a free analysis to every new client.

CourseVector partners with WordPress Web Design firm Zevon Media

Through strategic partnership with small design firms, CourseVector is proud to offer technical expertise and secure hosting platforms to help web designers and developers to grow their businesses.

Visit ZevonMedia’s website to learn more about his work and services.

WordPress Accessibility plugin

WordPress accessibility plugin helps with a variety of common accessibility issues in your WordPress website. Visit our support-files WordPress plugins page for more information on CourseVector’s favorite WordPress plugins.

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