SPAM Control

We get many inquiries about how to control spam. Unfortunately, there is really no 100% accurate way to control spam. There are two methods of spam control provided for free within cPanel.

SpamAssassin is one of the most widely used mail server spam filters. SpamAssassin is available within cPanel, through a simple to use interface. Instructions for use can be found in the online cPanel Manual.

Another free spam program offered within cPanel is called Box Trapper. Box Trapper is a Challenge Response email system with pros and cons. A Challenge response system is, for the most part, 100% effective against spam.

Both of the above systems require a certain amount of technical knowhow, and some amount of upkeep/adjustments.

On an individual basis, not server wide, we recommend two programs for controlling spam. Both solutions protect individual mailboxes. Since additional information is available on the provided websites, we have taken the liberty of posting our experience with both programs.

The first is called Cloudmark. The program is easy to set up and with a little tweaking can be used to protect mobile devices as well. It integrates with Outlook, however, we would suggest not using the integration feature as we had continuous issues with compatibility. Basically, this is a set it and forget it solution and is about 90% accurate. It had very few false positives but the major drawback is the lack of support. We were unable to obtain any support, even for the paid version. We would, however, still recommend this solution for the average computer user.

The second is called Choice Mail. This is a challenge response system, meaning that anyone sending an email to your address will get a “challenge” that they need to respond to, one time, in order for their email to reach your inbox. If they do not respond to the challenge, the email is not put through to your inbox. This program is a little more complicated to understand and install, however, it is 100% effective. On the plus side, it does configure itself and will work fine as installed without tweaking.

Although we cannot actually support any of the above options, if you have additional questions about spam prevention services, please feel free to contact us.

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